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If you are considering adding a swimming pool and spa combo, you have many options and design choices to consider. An attached spa does so much for you and your pool. It not only enhances your swimming pool design but also gives you a relaxing space in which to unwind after a vigorous swim.

Careful planning is an essential first step to any building project, and pools and spas are no exception. A site must be carefully chosen, budgetary and legal restrictions taken into account, decisions that need to be tackled before your pool or spa becomes a reality.

Read This Before You Start Building a Swimming Pool and Spa for Your Home

If you want to get a pool and spa only because your colleague, best friend, or sister got one, you might want to rethink the decision. A swimming pool and spa is a major investment that requires planning, construction, and maintenance. It’s not the kind of investment you make impulsively to keep up with your neighbor.

Read This Before You Start Building a Swimming Pool and Spa for Your Home

Building a Swimming Pool and Spa for Your Home

A swimming pool will radically change the landscape of your home’s exterior. You want it to also change you and your family’s lifestyle for the better by adding one more way to have fun and exercise. As with most other major developments on your real estate property, building a pool and spa usually costs more than you had set out. So you better be prepared.

Your Reasons for Getting the Pool Should Guide Your Pool Design Choice

Give your decision to build a pool some thought. Share it with your partner and even your whole family to find out what their thoughts are about it. Let everyone share their reasons for wanting the pool or an alternative lifestyle investment they would prefer. Most of the time, everyone will be thrilled. Keeping all household members in the loop ensures you have support.

You also need to think about what you want to use the pool for. Did your physician recommend swimming for therapeutic purposes? Do you want the pool for swimming laps? Are you planning on using it the pool area to host gathering and parties?

Different pool designs cater to different needs so make sure you first identify your needs before you start building. Once you know exactly why you want a pool, you can start shopping around and looking at the numerous designs available.

One of the obvious places to research pool designs is sites owned by a professional pool and spa builders. In addition to searching for pool designs on Google, use Pinterest as it can be useful for viewing the pools right away without reading to an entire article. As much as possible, try and visit some pools in person to get a good idea of how they look like in real life.

The bigger your property, the more options you will have available for your pool design. But even if space is limited, there’s no shortage of swimming pool and spa designs that you can implement. You and your contractor might need to exercise some creativity to make the pool work in your limited outdoor space.

Hiring the Best Pros Pays In the End

As you look for swimming pool designs that fit your needs and those of your family, keep your budget mind. Remember that a swimming pool, like other major renovations, may end up costing substantially more than you had planned. So leave allowance for this as you set aside funds for the project.

The key to getting the right pool is striking the delicate balance between getting fully qualified and highly experienced pool builders to do the job and saving as much as you can on the cost of building the pool.

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Anyone who owns a swimming pool will surely agree that it’s an extremely valuable asset.

Not just to the value of their home and the beautiful aesthetic that it brings to the backyard, but how it can improve your quality of life overall. Not only can using a swimming pool on a regular basis help you to lead a healthier lifestyle, but it can also prove to be great for backyard entertainment. You can throw pool parties, have BBQ nights, and much more. However, with every swimming pool comes great responsibility. It is your job to keep it clean and operating in peak condition. If the pool and surrounding areas aren’t kept clean and safe, it can affect the functionality, safety, and aesthetic of your backyard.

Cleaning Your Pool Regularly Is Important – Here’s Why

Owning a swimming pool isn’t all about swimming, fun, and parties. There’s much more to it than meets the eye and it’s important to remember to keep up to date with everything. As it’s an expensive thing to own, it’s best to maintain a regular cleaning schedule to ensure that everything is as it should be. It’s also important to regularly check the chemical balance of the pool as it’s not only good for the health of the pool but for those swimming in it. Cleaning your pool on a regular basis is important, here we take a look into the details as to why that’s the case.

It Will Look Great

First and foremost, it’s important to clean the pool based purely on the fact it’s going to make it look amazing. There’s something to be said about walking out your house ready for a dip and walking up to a gleaming swimming pool. It’s a great feeling and if you ever have pool parties then your friends will love it too.

Dirty pools tend to be a little embarrassing, but it’s also a sign that the water you’re about to jump into isn’t really that safe. Cleaning it regularly will ensure you have sparkling clear water to enjoy every time.

The Water Will Be Safe

Neglected swimming pools are the perfect place for harmful bacteria and germs to grow and even multiply. Dirt, debris, and grime can build up very quickly causing it to not only look pretty rough but cause harm to any swimmers jumping in. It would be an awful feeling knowing you’ve got an illness or an infection just because you swam in your own pool.

Dirty pools can spread disease and also cause eye and skin irritation. If you had a pool party and your friends all got sick because of it you’d feel pretty bad. The professionals of the explain that if you clean your pool on a regular basis then this won’t be an issue. Clean in and around the pool to ensure it’s safe for you and everyone else to enjoy. This doesn’t just mean taking out all the debris on the top of the water, it means cleaning the sides and the bottom of the pool as well. This is where things such as bacteria and algae can build up, making your pool look rather green!

Your Equipment Will Last Longer

Swimming pool equipment isn’t cheap and maintaining it is something you’re going to want to concentrate on purely to keep costs down. Replacing major parts is a costly job and something you don’t want to happen on a yearly basis. As pools require several components to keep them running, each bit of equipment will need checking and maintaining in a weekly cleaning schedule.

Some of the easier things to do is checking the filters to ensure there isn’t a large build-up of dirt and debris. Leaves can clog these up pretty easily and if the filters aren’t working then your water isn’t going to be as safe as it could be. The pump is another important thing to keep on top of. Ensuring your equipment is in perfect working order will elongate the life of your pool, your fun, and your parties. It will also cost much less.

It Will Last For Years

Sure, there are things you can replace in a pool regarding equipment but that’s if you catch it quick enough. Being on top of repairs is something any pool owner knows they need to do. Not only will leaving repairs to the last minute cost you a large amount of money but it will also leave it at risk of not being able to repair it at all. Having a regular cleaning schedule ensures that you are walking around the pool every week checking all the finer details whilst giving it a good clean.

If you’re someone that uses your pool once or twice a week for something as simple as a quick swim for a workout then you’re going to be able to push your cleaning rota to every two weeks, especially if you have a pool cover for when you aren’t using it. Those using their pool for parties every weekend are going to have to pay a little more attention to their cleaning. The more that use it, the more it will need cleaning.

Owning a pool is a lot of fun and it’s worth the upkeep effort so you can enjoy a nice, safe environment for all. There’s plenty of reasons to keep your pool clean but if there’s one to remember it’s your own safety. Dirty water can harbor bad bacteria and that’s not something you want swimming around. If you’re truly organized you can have a set time and day to do all your pool duties. If you aren’t then I would suggest trying to get into that mindset, you’ll save a lot of money in the long run by cleaning your pool once a week.

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The Top Advantages of Hiring a Swimming Pool Maintenance Company

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Written by Perla Irish and published on

Adding an inground swimming pool to your backyard was one of the best decisions you ever made. You love relaxing poolside and hosting pool parties for your kids. You love your pool, but you don’t love the time and effort it takes to keep it in pristine condition. If this sounds like you, you may be interested in the top benefits of hiring a swimming pool maintenance company.

Owning a private swimming pool is a dream of every homeowner. It comes with the advantage of having peaceful swimming sessions without interference from outsiders. When you own a swimming pool in your backyard or front yard, there’s a need for regular maintenance.

Top Three Advantages of Hiring a Swimming Pool Repair Service

A spa tub and swimming pool are a fantastic addition to your home, apartment, and condominiums. Maintaining it is essential, as it adds value to the swimming pool investment.

It is always important to keep the pool water levels consistent. You also, need to add the proper chemicals so that the water stays clean. Check the pump systems to ensure it’s working correctly and that there are zero leaks.

3 Advantages of Hiring a Swimming Pool Repair Service

Swimming is one of the best exercises. That’s the reason why many people decide to build pools at home. Homes that have swimming pools will have to say yes to pool repair service from time to time. And this repair work needs to be done by the professionals.

The moment you suspect that there’s an issue with the pump or detect a leak, call a professional to get it sorted. Attempting it to repair all by yourself is not a good idea. You might add in more damage than solving the issue at hand. Besides, there are always a few advantages to getting a professional pool repair service to work.

  1. The Leaks Get Fixed Properly

A bucket test will affirm whether or not there’s a water loss in your spa or pool. It’s always easy to detect this issue all by yourself. You need to get a professional to work, with their advanced leak detection systems and diving devices.

Most professional service providers make use of patented technology for detecting the present leaks underground at the deck. The holes can occur from a cracked PVC pipe or metal corrosion. Sometimes, the old copper pipes stop functioning as well.

The advanced leak detection system averts the need to tear up the deck to locate the leak. The professional service providers use this system to detect leaks present in slabs and foundations. If not repaired on time, foundation leaks can result in significant issues.

Also, pool leaks can take place on the return lines as well. There are times when it’s easy to plug the leaks using the new age repair devices. However, the leak could be a crack in the pool surface. People can repair a vinyl line pool themselves. However, when it’s a fiberglass pool, professional help is required.

  1. You Get the Best Guarantees

A professional service provider will always warranty and guarantee the repairs. The companies ensure that the leaks get sealed and that you don’t witness any issues in the future.

The service provider will also examine the overall system and provide you with an honest and free appraisal of the repair expense. The technicians will also demonstrate the repair process. They will offer proper recommendations to add to the lifespan of your pool.

  1. You Have Peace of Mind

Until you are a pro, you shouldn’t attempt a pool repair by yourself. That will give you the added tension of not being able to do the job well. Instead, if you hire a professional pool repair service, you can stay hassle-free. It eases your tension and gives you the required peace of mind.

These are the three significant advantages that you can witness when you hire a professional pool repair service. There are other advantages as well. So, ensure that you connect with a professional service provider to get your swimming pool or spa tub repaired.

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Swimming Pool Heaters: Which Is The Best Type Of Pool Heating To Choose?

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Written by Admin and published on you are planning a backyard swimming pool, it is important to think about the type of pool heating you want. Pool heaters are vital as they enable you to get maximum usage out of your pool. However, there are a number of different types of swimming pool heaters available, so it is essential to do your research before going ahead, so you can make an informed choice about the right type of heating for your pool.We have put together this guide to pool heating, to help you understand the different options available and make the right decision.

4 Reasons to Get Swimming Pool Heaters & Types to Choose From

Whether you have a swimming pool just because you want to enjoy it from time to time, or you are aware of the health benefits that come with these activities, or you are perhaps getting ready for the Olympics (hey, it’s possible), one thing is for sure. You will hardly be able to swim outside when the weather isn’t in your favor. This is why you will most likely stop your practices or your recreational enjoyment when the temperature drops down.

Most people stop using their swimming pools when it gets too cold and then they wait for the next summer and high temperatures to be able to enjoy their pools once again. If there were only a way to go around all those weather restrictions. It’s not like you can just move to another country during the winter season, take your pool with you and then return home when the nice weather kicks in once again. While that is an impossible option, pool heaters are definitely a possible one.

Yes, you have heard that right. There appears to be a way to say goodbye to all those weather restrictions and enjoy a swim even when the outside temperature isn’t exactly perfect. All you have to do is get the right pool heaters and you will solve the temperature problem. If you aren’t sure that this is the right idea, read on to find out why you should get these products for your pool. After that, we will get to explaining a couple of heater types that you will have to choose from.

Prolong the Swim Season

As you might have guessed it, the first reason why you should get these amazing products is because you will get to enjoy a longer swimming season. You can heat up your pool to a desirable and comfortable temperature and thus prolong your swimming season. Instead of having to quit the moment the temperatures drop, you can now use the heaters to enjoy the pool long after the summer has passed.

Swim at Night and In Early Mornings

It is pretty unusual for people to swim during the nights and early in the mornings, because the water is pretty cold at those periods, regardless of the actual season. Cold water is not really comfortable, not to mention the fact that it can have a negative impact on your health. When you install pool heaters, you can be sure that the water will never be so cold as to prevent you from swimming.

Get More Health Benefits

Everybody knows that swimming is an amazing physical activity that can do wonders for your health. Did you, however, know that warm water is also extremely beneficial for your health? It can increase your blood circulation and help ease your tight muscles, and it is generally much more relaxing. We could all use some more relaxation, couldn’t we?

What if I told you that you could combine those physical activity benefits with warm water benefits? It’s actually extremely easy to do that. All you need to do is find yourself the perfect pool heaters and you will get to enjoy one of your favorite physical activities while also exposing yourself to the health advantages that come from warm water. I suppose nobody would pass on the opportunity to improve their health in such an enjoyable way.

Increase the Value of Your Property

If it ever comes to the point where you want to sell your property, its value will be significantly increased by the pool you have built. There is something else you can do to easily increase the value of the property even more. Yes, I’m talking about installing the heaters. Are you wondering why and how these products can actually increase the value of your whole property? Let me answer that.

You’d think that a swimming pool is enough to increase that value, but here is a simple question for you. Would you rather buy a property in which you can use a pool all year round or the one that allows you to use it only for a couple of months a year? I’m pretty sure that I already know the answer to that question. When you are on the selling end, your buyers will definitely be much more interested in a pool with heaters, meaning that you can increase the price if you own those products.

Types of Heaters to Consider

As you can see here, there are various types of these products that you should take into consideration. There are, however, three main and most popular types that you should take into consideration. Those include solar, gas and electric pump heaters. Let us take a look at each of these individually, so that you can choose the perfect product for you.


As the name says it, these use solar panels to heat the water in your pool. These take up a lot of space, but they are usually installed on the roof, meaning that you won’t need to worry too much about that space. What you will have to worry about, though, is the area you live in. It goes without saying that you need sun for solar panels to work and be effective, so don’t forget to keep that in mind.


These work by burning either natural gas or propane, thus heating the copper coils that circulate the water in the pool. If you are living in colder climates, this is the right type for you. Why? Well, because it doesn’t rely on the sunlight or the air temperature to work.

Electric Heat Pump

This product works by pulling the heat from the air and transferring it into the water. As you can probably guess, it is also dependent on the actual weather. This means that these are more suitable for areas in which air temperature is slightly higher. Make sure to take all the right factors into consideration so that you can choose the perfect type for you.

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How Rain Affects Pool Water After The Storm

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Written by Perla Irish and published on

Major storms can wreak havoc on even the cleanest and most well-maintained swimming pools. Storms that bring high wind and significant rain, including hurricanes, can sweep dirt and debris into your pool, while storms that result in flooding can bring with them an even longer list of potential contaminants, such as mud, silt, and bacteria.

Keeping your pool clean and safe under normal conditions can be challenging, but after severe weather, it may seem significantly more difficult. Hopefully you prepared your pool for the storm, but either way, we’re here to help. Below are some easy-to-follow tips for returning your pool back to normal and your water back to crystal clear.

Pool Maintenance 101: Does Rain Have a Negative Effect on the Water in Your Swimming Pool?

Maintaining a pool is not easy. From clearing out the leaves to keeping the water perfectly balanced, there is always something that needs to be done to keep a pool clean and safe.

One of the biggest problems that many pool owners have is maintaining the perfect chemical balance. Those little test kits let you know immediately if your water has the right amount of pH or has too much acidity. If you live in a part of the country that gets rain, you should plan to test your water after every weather system moves through your area.

Pool Maintenance 101: Does Rain Have a Negative Effect on the Water in Your Swimming Pool?

How Rain Affects Pool Water

Rain does negatively affect the water in your swimming pool. If you are looking for a company to help you with your water maintenance, contact Sparklean Pools. We are fully aware of the acidic properties in rainwater and how the chemical makeup of acid rain can affect your pool water.

Rain doesn’t just get into the pool as it falls from the sky, it can also enter the pool from the deck. As it enters your pool, it brings calcium and solids like dirt and debris. This can make the water corrosive and it can begin to break down the sides and bottom of your pool as well as the pump and other metal parts.

How to Prevent Pool Damage

There are a few ways to keep your pool water and parts safe from damage that can come from rain. Some techniques include

  • Draining extra water
  • Maintaining skimmer-level water
  • Using the waste mode to remove water
  • Using an outlet valve

While light showers are generally safe for pool water, you should watch heavy rains closely. When major storms are approaching, you can keep your pool safe and the water cleaner by putting away anything that could fall in the pool. This includes plants, pool gear, grills, and furniture. All of those outdoor items could damage liners, plaster, or other pool parts.

Adding Chemicals Before and After the Storm

Some people will pour algaecide into their pools before a big storm. This can keep the rainwater from causing blooms. With a little extra algaecide, you should have an easier time cleaning the pool after the storm. It is also helpful to keep the pool running during the storm. Running water is less likely to develop an algae bloom.

After the rain, your pool probably will need a good cleaning. You should do more than just skim the surface and vacuum the bottom. All too often, debris sticks to the sides, so a thorough brushing after the storm can help prevent more problems later. And, many people will put a pool cover over their pool to keep big debris from falling in the water.

You also might need to adjust the chemicals after a storm. Some pool owners add shock to the pool immediately after a storm, but this might not be necessary. Check the water first to determine exactly what your pool needs. You might need to add other chemicals first, but shocking the pool will prevent algae blooms.

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Install The Right Poolside Lighting For Your Swimming Pool

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Written by Perla Irish and published on

Install the right poolside lighting to take your swimming pool to the next level. Adding lighting around your pool will also enhance your night-time aquatic experience. While a well-illuminated pool, deck, and backyard will give you the perfect ambiance, the right lighting also provides a safer environment for you and your family.

With the following lighting tips, you will be close to having your luxury resort in the comfort of your home.

With creative lighting concepts, you can turn your swimming pool deck area into your very own luxury resort. Here are our swimming pool lighting tips for your home to get you started.

Home Swimming Pool Lighting Tips

There’s nothing quite like an enjoyable swim in your swimming pool whether you do it in the morning, noon or night. Going for a night swim, in particular, feels refreshing after a hard day’s work.  A well-lighted swimming pool will do wonders in creating a peaceful ambiance that will completely relax you.

Adding the right lighting around your pool will also enhance your night-time aquatic experience. A well-illuminated pool, deck, and backyard provide the perfect combination of creating ambiance and ensuring safety for anyone who uses the pool.

Home Swimming Pool Lighting Tips

With creative lighting concepts, you can turn your swimming pool deck area into your very own luxury spa resort. Here are some of our swimming pool lighting tips for your home to get you started.

Light Your Pool Deck

A lot happens in your pool deck area. Make sure that your pool deck is sufficiently lit to keep everyone safe. By placing lights around the pool deck, you can illuminate pathways during the evening and make it safer to navigate. The great thing about pool deck lighting is that it gives your pool area a dramatic flair while promoting safety as well.

Use LED Lighting

LED lighting is an environmentally-friendly option that is a much safer, sturdier, and more energy-efficient option compared with incandescent bulbs. LED lights are bright and can last for as long as 30,000 hours without needing to be replaced very often.

Although LED lights might be more expensive at first, it turns out to be cheaper in the long run since it can last for a long time. With its many benefits, LED lighting is one of the best ways that you can illuminate your pool area.

Install Wall Lights

Wall lights cast light towards the more interesting aspects of the landscape around your pool. They are usually small and well-hidden which is good for creating a dramatic light effect without people having to see the source.

Wall lights can be installed throughout hardscapes, textured walls, sitting walls, fire pits, and fire pit benches, to name a few. These tasks though are safer to do after consulting electrical experts since it’s a bit trickier.

Place Lights Strategically

If you are aiming for a relaxing pool environment, having glare from your lighting will defeat the calm ambiance of your swimming pool. To avoid glare from your swimming pool lights, avoid placing them on locations where they shine directly towards people’s eyes.

Another way of reducing glare is by strategically having two swimming pool lights face each other. Since a single pool light can create unwanted shadows, having two lights pointing at each other will eliminate unsightly shadows making your pool clear and shadow-free.

Put up Tiki Torches and Lamps

Turn your swimming pool area into the ultimate tropical getaway. Put up tiki torches and lamps which are great design touches that will give your pool fun and tropical feel. At the same time, they also provide excellent illumination to your swimming pool area.

There are several types of Tiki Torches to choose from – the authentic oil and wick option, or the wired-in lighting with illumination from a bulb.

While the authentic oil and wick tiki torches look exotic, having open flames by the open-air poolside can be dangerous. On the other hand, tiki torches with switch-on light is a safer yet equally beautiful alternative that you can use.

Highlight Trees and Plants

If you want that luxurious resort feel in your pool area, you should highlight the landscape such as the trees and plants.  Softly accentuate the trees, bushes, and planters placed along pathways with strategically-placed lighting.

With the right lighting guiding your path, you can safely go across your backyard without tripping while you are on your way to take a refreshing dip in your swimming pool.

Try Solar Lights

Another eco-friendly swimming pool lighting option is solar lights which come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. Solar lights usually come with a built-in light sensor that automatically turns on at night. If you prefer to turn off solar lights yourself, choose solar lights that come with on switches.

Remember that solar lights, just like solar pool heaters, primarily rely on the availability of sunlight. This means that they are not as bright as electric lights and can get dimmer or not even shine during cloudy weather.

Hang String Lighting

Another way to create a fun pool atmosphere is by using string lighting which is also known as bistro lighting. Hanging lights around your swimming pool is an easy way to get you and your guests into a party mood.

Do not limit yourself to hanging lights over the pool. You can also hang them over plants and trees, or you can use string lighting to provide functional light inside pergolas or over a pool. There are many things that you can do with string lighting. You can even make your pool area dazzle more by creating patterns and configurations with your string lighting.

Use Dimmers

Once you have fully-wired swimming pool lighting, install a dimmer option that you can control from a smart device. Control your light levels or dim your lights to create the perfect atmosphere that you want, whether you are in the mood for a relaxing evening dip or a festive pool party with family and friends.

Bottom Line

With these tips, you are taking your pool-going experience to the next level. As much as these different kinds of lighting add that design polish to your swimming pool, always remember that these lights take an even more important function of ensuring your safety and comfort. Your lighting should go with the rest of your pool or your backyard’s design to create a well-put-together look.

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How Much Does It Cost to Build A Swimming Pool

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There is no question that adding a swimming pool to your backyard can increase its overall value, but it can also be a fun way to bring together friends and family during a hot summer day. Nonetheless, before all homeowners consider a new pool, you have to know the average pool prices. Continue reading to see all installation costs, as well as a few other prices you probably didn’t consider, for all above ground and inground swimming pools.

How Much Does a Pool Cost to Install?

Over 5 million U.S. households own an inground pool, and for good reason.They’re a fantastic way to beat the heat on a hot day, while also doubling as the perfect site for a summer barbeque. But building an inground pool is easier said than done.

How much does a pool cost? What are the most important factors for pool installation costs?

That’s what we’ll be taking a look at today. In this article, we’ll lay out some pool cost estimate figures to help you budget your inground pool.

So How Much Does a Pool Cost?

Installing a pool in the United States can cost you anywhere between $28,000 and $50,000. The average cost for an inground pool would probably be around $40,000.

You could potentially recoup about $20,000 of that upon resale, or even up to half the cost if the pool is in good condition. It’s worth noting that several factors can push your inground pool costs above or below the range we’re giving in this article.

This is because every pool is different. Just like how no two houses are identical, no two pools are going to be the same.

Factors for Pool Costs

So what makes each pool unique? A lot of it comes down to what you want for your inground pool. Let’s go over some basic factors that you should think about when coming up with your pool cost estimate.


It goes without saying, but the size of your pool will heavily factor into your price. Pools are sold and priced by square footage.

The average swimming pool size is probably about 12′ x 24′, but there are plenty of other sizes to choose from, such as 10′ x 20′ or 15′ x 30′. The bigger and wider your pool is, the greater the square footage, and the higher the price.


The three most common types of pool materials are vinyl, fiberglass, and concrete.

Vinyl is the cheapest option and is also the fastest and easiest material. It can be molded into a variety of shapes, but it definitely requires the most maintenance.

Fiberglass is more durable and much quicker to install. However, they’re harder to mold into specific shapes.

Concrete allows the most flexibility in size while also being the most durable. However, they’re the most expensive and take the longest to install.


Basically, the more complex you want your pool to be shaped, the more you’ll have to pay. A single shaped pool – rectangle, circle, square, etc – is relatively simple, but the more corners or curves you add, the more time contractors need to pull it off.

On top of the time needed, you’ll need to invest in materials that are conducive to making complex shapes. As we established, that also factors into your final pool cost.

Extra Pool Installation Costs

Indirect costs can certainly factor into your final pool installation budget. Things like pool decking, pool covers, and even basic yard prep will most likely cost you before construction even begins.

Consulting with a contractor can help you clear up these extra costs. We’ve found that is a great resource for figuring out the logistics before starting your inground pool project in Cypress, Texas.

Get the Best Price for Your Pools Today

Searching “how much does a pool cost” can feel like a fruitless effort since you never know exactly what specific services or materials cost. Use this article to understand what factors affect your pool costs and budget efficiently.

For more articles on home improvement, check out the rest of our site!

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Indicators That You Need And Require A Swimming Pool Repair

By | Pool Safety Inspections

Written by Perla Irish and published on

Eventually, any swimming pool will need service and repairs. Neglecting these necessary fixes can result in further damage to your pool and, potentially, cost you a significant amount of time and money. If you want your swimming pool to stay in tip-top shape, it’s important to pay attention to its condition. Here are some signs to look for that might mean you need professional repairs.

There are plenty of great benefits if you have your own swimming pool on your property. To ensure it will last for a long time and you do not have any health issues, see to it that it is at its top shape all the time. Unfortunately, there are situations that will cause the swimming pool to have issues. It is important that these issues are dealt with right away to ensure you do not have to deal with them later. By hiring a swimming pool repair expert, you can be assured of a quick and reliable fix. Here are some common swimming pool issues you should be mindful of:

5 Major Signs That You Need a Swimming Pool Repair

Summer is right around the corner—and that means it’s time to get the pool ready for some fun in the sun.

And that also means it’s a good time to inspect your pool’s condition and assess whether you need a swimming pool repair job.

5 Major Signs That You Need a Swimming Pool Repair

Swimming pools require a great deal of maintenance, so it’s always best to contact a swimming pool repair service to fix the little problems before they get out of hand.

So here are five major signs that might indicate you need swimming pool repair.

1. Cracks in the Walls

One of the surest signs that you need swimming pool repair is the presence of cracked walls.

The existence of cracks in the walls of your pool often signals water leakages, which can lead to a whole host of other problems. Wasted water is one of the obvious problems here, but so is soil erosion that can affect your pool’s structural integrity.

So be sure to contact a swimming pool repair service if you see any signs of cracking in your pool’s walls.

2. Pool Heater Malfunctioning

If you notice that your pool’s water stays cold, even when your heater is running, it’s another sign that you might need further swimming pool maintenance.

A malfunctioning pool heater could be the result of several problems. Blocked or clogged pipes might be reducing the water flow, or the heater’s controls might not be functioning properly.

Replacing the heater is usually the best option in these circumstances. Check out this info to learn more about pool heater replacement.

3. Damaged Lights

Busted pool lights are a bigger problem than you might think. Although it seems like a simple fix, the combination of electricity and water can make this repair very dangerous.

That’s why contacting a swimming pool repair company is always the best choice. A repair service will shut off the electricity, drain the pool, and fix the lights.

4. Dirty Water

Unclean or dirty water is often an indication of a more serious problem. This is particularly the case when you treat your pool water but still notice that your pool is cloudy or dirty.

The reasons for dirty or cloudy water are various. It could be something as simple as a malfunctioning pool pump, which isn’t circulating water properly. Or maybe it’s a clogged sand filter.

But it could also be the result of damaged pipework. Whatever the case, the best swimming pool repair companies will diagnose and fix the issue.

5. Flaking Plaster

Finally, if you’ve ever owned a pool, you know all about peeling and flaking plaster.

This is a result of the harsh chemicals that are used to sterilize your pool water. Over time, those chemicals can erode the plaster surface of your pool and lead to cracks and other costly damage.

In this instance, swimming pool repair will involve draining the pool and resurfacing it.

Look For the Signs You Need a Swimming Pool Repair

Any of these indications are enough to suggest you need to contact a swimming pool repair company. And if you see a combination of any of these signs, it’s time to schedule a repair ASAP.

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Salt Water vs Chlorine Pool? What’s Best For You?

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Everybody has different swimming preferences. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available for your backyard pool. You can get a zero-depth entry for leisurely wading or a deep end for exciting cannonballs. You can get a rectangle for swimming laps or an oval for social gatherings. In addition to size, shape, activities, and accessories, you can choose a water sanitization method that fits your needs. Here are the differences between two of the most common types of pools: saltwater vs. chlorine.

Salt Water vs Chlorine Pool: A Deep Dive Into Your Pool Options

During the summer you have countless get-togethers with no way to entertain your guests besides plopping them down in front of a TV. Chatting with everyone is fun and you enjoy cooking out but you sort of feel bad that your younger family members are left bored on the couch.That’s why you’ve decided to have a pool installed! When you’re on the phone with the contractor they will give you a choice between saltwater vs chlorine pool. What’s the difference and which one is better?

That all depends on your budget and personal tastes. Check out this guide to weigh the pros and cons of each.

What’s the Difference Between the Two?

Saltwater and chlorine pools work off of a completely different sanitation system. Saltwater pools sanitize by using an electrolysis system.

The water passes through something known as a salt cell and receives a small electric shock from the control box. From there the salt is converted into hypochlorous acid to sanitize the pool.

With Chlorine, you pour the chemicals straight into the pool. The filter breaks the chemicals down and keeps things sanitized. The problem is that chloramines are created as well which isn’t that great for the human body.

Pros of a Salt Water Pool

When it comes to choosing a saltwater pool vs chlorine pool, there is no right or wrong answer. They both have their own unique set of advantages and disadvantages. We’ll break down these pros and cons starting with the saltwater pool.

Not as Much Chlorine

Many are under the misconception that saltwater systems don’t use a single drop of chlorine which isn’t true. They do use it, just not near as much.

This means that you can open your eyes underwater without having to worry about chemicals stinging your eyes. It also means that you feel and smell less gross when getting out of the pool and your bathing suit can keep its bright colors since there aren’t as many chemicals present to fade it.

Easy to Keep Clean

Saltwater pools run off of a generator that stays on forever. This keeps everything clean which means less pool maintenance for you. Don’t get us wrong, you’ll still need to keep an eye on things.

The generator will keep the chemicals in your pool as balanced as it can but you still have to test the water on a normal basis to make sure everything is good.

You have to keep the filter and skimmer clean or it won’t function as it should. There’s also the matter of checking the salt cell every now and again to make sure it’s still working.

Cons of a Saltwater Pool

With all these pros, it’s hard to believe that there are any cons involved with having a saltwater pool. Nothing is perfect, however. You may run into a few issues.

They’re Expensive

You’ll get to save money on chemicals with a saltwater pool but that’s pretty much the only area where you get to hold on to your cash. The initial cost of the pool is pretty expensive and since the generator runs 24/7, you can imagine the electricity bill that you wrack up.


When salt builds it becomes pretty corrosive. This is bad news for your filter, pool lights, pool liner, and any other pieces of equipment. Of course, these things can be fixed but it won’t be cheap by any means.

Pros of a Chlorine Pool

While chlorine pools use more chemicals and you have to deal with burning eyes, you shouldn’t count them out. They offer quite a few benefits.


An above-ground pool that uses a chlorine-based system is much cheaper than one that uses a salt water system as far as investments go. They have a pump that circulates water pretty much around the clock but it still doesn’t use as much electricity as a saltwater pool.

The only offset is that you have to go to the store to buy chemicals more often but that’s a small price to pay considering all the money you’ll be saving in other areas.

Easy to Maintain

You have to test the water’s chemical levels and drop tablets in it but there’s very little maintenance involved besides making sure everything is clean and running properly.

Chlorine doesn’t do much corrosive damage to the skimmer, liner, pool pump, or other equipment so you don’t have to worry about replacing parts as often either.

Cons of a Chlorine Pool

Chlorine pools are cheaper than salt pools but they still use dangerous chemicals that aren’t good for our bodies. It also doesn’t do wonders for that pretty swimsuit you just bought.

Dangerous Chemicals

High amounts of chlorine can irritate a person’s skin and eyes. It gives off a strong smell that you may not want to carry around with you either.

The chloramines that come hand and hand with chlorine also aren’t good for you. You can manage the number of chloramines that you’re exposed to but it takes a lot of extra chemicals.

Faded Swimsuits

Bought a gorgeous bathing suit that you’re super proud of? You might want to avoid chlorine pools. Chlorine won’t damage equipment and pool lining but it will fade the colors in your swimsuit.

It does the same to pool noodles, floaties, and any other accessories that you forget to take out of the pool when you’re done swimming for the day.

If any of these cons are a deal-breaker for you, there are ways of converting above ground pool to saltwater. All you’ve got to do is talk to a contractor to get started.

Saltwater Vs Chlorine Pool: Which is Better the Better Option?

Saltwater vs chlorine pool? Which one should you choose to entertain your summer guests? It all depends on your budget and what you want out of your swimming experience.

Saltwater pools don’t fade clothes and use fewer chemicals but they are much more expensive to maintain. Chlorine pools use a ton of chemicals but upkeep is cheaper. Weigh your options and start shopping today.

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Qualities of a Swimming Pool Service You Need to Always Consider

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A good swimming pool is a treasure worth having. But, for you and your family to fully enjoy the pool, you need to keep it in good condition at all times. Keeping your pool in good condition may not be possible without professional help, which is why you need the services of a good swimming pool service company to cater to the maintenance of your pool at home.

Why hire a pool cleaning company? Will they be reliable? Moreover, will they do a good job? These and other questions are probably running through your mind as you consider a service for the maintenance of your backyard pool. You want to be sure that the swimming environment is safe and clean for your family and friends, so hiring the right company as well as asking a few questions is very important. We want you to know what questions should be asked before hiring a company for maintenance or repair.

Factors You Need to Consider Before Hiring Swimming Pool Service

It’s fun to swim around the pool. The swimming pool is a place to play around in the water without a care in the world.

But, the enthusiasm dips as you realize that you’re going to be dealing with a dirty pool.

So, you decide to call a swimming pool service to clean and maintain your swimming pool.

Factors You Need to Consider Before Hiring Swimming Pool Service

Hiring the right swimming pool service crew is crucial for you to gain excellent value for money from the help. So, here are four factors to consider before hiring swimming pool services:


Experience brings expertise, and cleaning swimming pools isn’t as easy as it sounds. Cleaning the pool and its surrounding areas can’t be done with just a simple mop.

Instead, cleaning technicians use sophisticated tools to ensure that your swimming pool is devoid of harmful substances.

Using these intricate devices may require days or weeks of training to master. Thus, you must search for an established swimming pool service.

A swimming pool cleaning and maintenance firm that has been in the industry for years is your ideal choice.

Years of experience will give you an idea of the level of expertise the technicians have in terms of maintaining the pool’s cleanliness and integrity.


Like other businesses, a swimming pool service provider should prioritize customer service above everything else.

Excellent customer service promotes value for the job. Hence, only hire the services of a company that offers more-than-satisfactory pool cleaning services.

Search online or ask around the neighborhood for reputable cleaning companies in your area. The technicians you must opt for should provide:

  • Proper communication
  • Customer empathy
  • Patience
  • Work flexibility
  • Charisma
  • Company knowledge
  • Punctuality

If you hear negative feedback or reviews about a particular swimming pool company, you’re better off searching for other options.

Don’t waste your time and money on pool maintenance services that will make you regret seeking their assistance.

License and Insurance

The last thing you’d want is to contract unlicensed swimming pool services. If the uncertified technician breaks something in your pool area, then, they’re not liable for the costs to repair or replace the damages.

Before recruiting the help of a swimming pool company, ask for their licenses to operate in your area. Furthermore, check if the insurance of the firm is up-to-date.

The company’s insurance will save you from paying for accidents that may happen at the job site.

For example, if the cleaning technician falls and gets injured while cleaning an empty pool, you’re not liable to pay for the professional’s medical fees.

Instead, the company will pay for those hospital costs. Without an updated insurance policy, you may have to pay for the worker’s medical fees from your pocket.

Number and Price of Services

A noteworthy swimming pool service provider should have different offerings to be able to cater to different customers.

Some of these services may include the following:

  • Pool filter repairs
  • Leak detection and repairs
  • Weekly pool cleaning and maintenance
  • Tile cleaning
  • Chemical balance treatment
  • Algae removal and treatment
  • Pool draining

Remember that different pool maintenance companies offer various services. Hire a service provider that fits your specific needs.

For example, consider contracting the aid of a swimming pool company with services catering to residential customers.

Otherwise, if you seek the help of a firm catering to commercial clients, then, you might pay a high price for their services.

Also, make sure to hire a swimming pool service that fits your budget. You don’t want to spend too much of your hard-earned money on a straightforward pool-cleaning job.

Risks of Swimming in Unclean Waters

If you don’t hire the services of reliable pool cleaning services, then, you, your friends, and your family run the risk of getting health issues when swimming in unclean waters.

Some of the infections that you may acquire from swimming in dirty water include skin, ear, eye, and gastrointestinal ailments.

Furthermore, if you swim with a wound, harmful bacteria may seep into it, which may cause damage inside your body

You need not expose yourself and your loved ones to these risks. If you see unclean substances floating around in your swimming pool’s water, don’t hesitate to call expert pool-cleaning services right away.


A swimming pool service provider brings forth loads of benefits to its customers. But, you need to find a trustworthy company to gain such advantages.

Ask a local pool maintenance firm for their experience, prices, as well as the number of services they offer. Also, search around the Internet or ask your neighbors for feedback about a particular swimming pool company.

If a firm gets high marks on your list, then, consider contracting their services for your next pool maintenance session.

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